Positive Connection Program

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Positive Connection 

All Girls Program

Established in 1994


The Internet and the World Wide Web

Estimated Time: 2-3 hours
Prerequisites: Computer Basics course or similar experience

Description: The Internet can connect you to people, information, and resources around the world. This course shows you how to connect to the Internet, browse Web pages, navigate Web sites, use search engines, and exchange e-mail with others.


The Internet and Web Course Topics

Lesson 1: The Internet
World Wide      Objectives
     1.1. Define what the Internet is and elaborate on its uses.
     1.2. Identify the different components required for an Internet connection.
     1.3. Identify the features of different types of Internet connections.
     1.4. Explain the meaning of the term bandwidth in relation to the different types of Internet connections.
Lesson 2: The World Wide Web
     2.1. Define the World Wide Web and elaborate on its uses.
     2.2. Explain how Web addresses work.
     2.3. Explain how to use a browser to navigate the Web.
     2.4. Describe how to evaluate the content of a Web site.
     2.5. Explain the meaning of E-Commerce.
     2.6. Define Web browser plug-ins and their uses.
Lesson 3: Communicating on the Internet
     3.1. Explain how e-mail works.
     3.2. Write and send e-mail messages.
     3.3. Manage e-mail messages.
     3.4. Identify the features of online communities.
     3.5. Explain how instant messaging works.
     3.6. Explain how Web authoring software is used to create and publish Web pages.

Launch e-learning (requires broadband connection)



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