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Positive Connection 

All Girls Program

Established in 1994


Computer Security and Privacy 

Estimated Time: 2-3 hours
Prerequisites: Computer Basics course or similar experience

Description: It's easy to use a computer safely and responsibly if you know how. This course will help you gain confidence in computing by explaining the risks and threats to computer security and privacy so that you can understand and prevent them.


Computer Security and Privacy Course Topics 

Lesson 1: An Overview of Computer Security and Privacy
     1.1. Explain what the terms security and privacy mean as they apply to computing.
     1.2. Identify various threats in the world of computers and explain their corresponding solutions.
Lesson 2: Protecting Your Computer and Your Data
     2.1. Identify various methods of protecting the operating system, software, and data on your computer.
     2.2. Identify various ways of securing online and network transactions.
     2.3. Identify common measures for securing e-mail and instant messaging transactions.
Lesson 3: Protecting Yourself and Your Family from Security Threats
     3.1. Identify common measures used to protect privacy.
     3.2. Describe how online predators work.
     3.3. Identify the guidelines to protect children from online predators.
Lesson 4: Keeping Your Computer Secure and Updated
     4.1. Explain the purpose of different security settings on your computer.
     4.2. Identify the options available for keeping your computer up to date.
Lesson 5: Computer Ethics
     5.1. Explain what the term intellectual property means as it applies to computing.
     5.2 Identify the various copyright violation acts and their preventive measures.
     5.3. Identify the various legal concerns associated with information exchange.
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