Positive Connection Program

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Positive Connection 

All Girls Program

Established in 1994


Productivity Programs

Estimated Time: 2-3 hours
Prerequisites: Computer Basics course or similar experience

Description: There are hundreds of software applications available today. This course explores the most common productivity software applications used in business, in education, and at home. The course teaches you how to select the right software for your project. You will learn the fundamentals of word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, and databases.


Productivity Programs Course Topics 

Lesson 1: Common Features and Commands
     1.1. Identify the main components of the user interface.
     1.2. Identify the purpose of the commands on the menu bar.
     1.3. Work with the buttons on the toolbar.
     1.4. Work with the pointer in a program.
     1.5. Work with text and characters in a program.
     1.6. Explain the use of primary keyboard shortcuts and key combinations.
Lesson 2: Word Processing
     2.1. Perform basic tasks by using a word processor.
     2.2. Edit and format text.
     2.3. Work with tables and pictures.
     2.4. Work with language tools.
     2.5. Identify the various benefits of using Desktop Publishing (DTP).
Lesson 3: Spreadsheets
     3.1. Identify the different components of a spreadsheet.
     3.2. Enter data into a spreadsheet.
     3.3. Perform basic mathematical operations in a spreadsheet.
     3.4. Insert charts into a spreadsheet.
     3.5. Explain the purpose of options available for printing a spreadsheet.
Lesson 4: Presentation Programs
     4.1. Identify the basic functionalities offered by presentation programs.
     4.2. Create a new presentation.
     4.3. Add graphics and multimedia to a presentation.
     4.4. Identify the options available to print presentations in different formats.
Lesson 5: Databases
     5.1. Explain basic database concepts.
     5.2. Create a database.
     5.3. Work with records in a database.
     5.4. Explain what database queries are and how they work.
     5.5 Explain what reports are and their uses.

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